Background Hanging Systems

When considering a background system to use, you have to think about what you will want from the system. When I first started to look at the types of backgrounds there are, I realized that having something that would work not only for studio sessions but for "on location" sessions would be a huge plus. My first background system that I still use in studio as well as on location sessions utilizes a simple pole that can be adjusted to various lengths, along with a couple of light stands for holding the background materials(seamless paper or muslin, just to mention a few). The system is very easy to trasport to locations without the hassles associated with some systems that are bulky & hard to

The Photoflex Medium LiteDome (24 x 32 x 17") Lightbox

The Photoflex Medium LiteDome (24 x 32 x 17") Softbox, on its first set up, can be a little intimidating when assembling or dis-assembling the rods! But if you know the thought behind the process of the velcro tabs on the front corners, it becomes fairly easy to do! First, understand that to get the best results, put all 4 of the rods into the box material. Next, put the rods into the speedring then start at one of the corners by sliding the material up to the end of the rod, holding the top of the rod with the other hand. When the rod disappears into the top corner of the material, fasten the velcro that holds the rod into position. Then proceed to the next corner & do the same thing

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