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The Photoflex Medium LiteDome (24 x 32 x 17") Lightbox

The Photoflex Medium LiteDome (24 x 32 x 17")

Softbox, on its first set up, can be a little intimidating when assembling or dis-assembling the rods! But if you know the thought behind the process of the velcro tabs on the front corners, it becomes fairly easy to do! First, understand that to get the best results, put all 4 of the rods into the box material. Next, put the rods into the speedring then start at one of the corners by sliding the material up to the end of the rod, holding the top of the rod with the other hand. When the rod disappears into the top corner of the material, fasten the velcro that holds the rod into position. Then proceed to the next corner & do the same thing as previously stated until all 4 corners have been assembled! With minimal effort & practice, this proceedure becomes effortless in the assembly & the dis-assembly of the rods. I leave the rods in the actual pockets of the softbox, then roll the rods, along with the material & slide the rolled up rods & box material into its carrying bag for transport to "On Location" shoots. Both defusers can be left in place when rolled up, leaving you just the task of fastening the 4 velcro fasteners when assembling the unit in the field! I have read "other's" reviews, stating the complexity of putting these

softboxes together & they can't figure out what to do about the velcro strips on the corners! Those velcro strips are what make this softbox unique in the way the thing sets up as well as tears down! Once you learn how to do this process, it is almost effortless! ...

The grid for this softbox is a great tool as well! I use it to focus the light on my subjects with less of a spread of light covering more of the scene! Shown here, this 40˚ grid does a great job of cutting the spread of light & focusing the light more on the subject! It also helps in getting the light out of the len's path when shooting towards your subject while the softbox/grid is aimed back in the direction of the camera towards the subject!

With all things considered, even though there are less expensive softboxes on the market, this unit does very well, sets up quickly & is very well made! I plan on getting a couple of Photoflex Medium Half Dome with White Interior (15.5 x 55 x 23") softboxes in the future, since the size of these softboxes & the cost are fairly close in comparison to others!

For information on this product as well as other products like this, please visit my "Affiliates" page to see this model & some other photography related gear! ...

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