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Background Hanging Systems

When considering a background system to use, you have to think about what you will want from the system. When I first started to look at the types of backgrounds there are, I realized that having something that would work not only for studio sessions but for "on location" sessions would be a huge plus. My first background system that I still use in studio as well as on location sessions utilizes a simple pole that can be adjusted to various lengths, along with a couple of light stands for holding the background materials(seamless paper or muslin, just to mention a few). The system is very easy to trasport to locations without the hassles associated with some systems that are bulky & hard to carry due to weight.

My main goal in writing this is to tell others that haven't ventured into the realm of backgrounds for portraitures or other photography projects, something that has taken me to a better level, maybe not as much in "on location" uses but especially in the studio!

The system that I have been useing the past few months makes having several backgrounds ready at a moments notice an easy process to switch from one to the other! The Triple Background with Superclamps system utilizes a clamping system that fastens to a pole(or lighting stand). The Superclamps that hold the Triple Hanger Bars can be used for other things other than just this type of set up, since they have various pins that can be inserted into the clamps to hold lighting devices as well as camera bodies but for now, I will just show you the process of setting up this type of system!

The Impact Varidrive with Gray Chaindevices, shown

here, inserts into each end of the seamless paper, then by using the Impact Triple Background Hooks with Superclamps(also shown), you would hang your Varidrive units that are installed onto the backgrounds, having 3 different drops to choose from!

If you are using material types of backgrounds, you would use a set of poles sold for use with the Varidrive units,the Impact Cross Pole for Uncored Paper or Fabric Backgrounds which is the item I use.

First, insert the gear part of the Varidrive system into oneend of the seamless paper tube, right or left side depending on which side you want the chain on. Then hold the shaft between the gear & the knob, turning the knob until the unit expands into the tube & tightens up.

You will repeat this process at the other end of the tube,

using the other Varidrive unit with the system's brake that

adjust the tension of the unit to the of the unit to the shaft, allowing you to stop the background when rolling it up or down.

After you have installed both Varidrive units into the tube, it is time to mount the background onto the hanger bars.

After hanging the brake side of the unit, hang the gear side to the hanger bar. Then it is time to install the chain (if you haven't already done so).

The plastic type chain has a unique type of structure that allows you to un-hook the chain from itself, roll it through the gear teeth by turning the handle, then lock the chain back together the same way you un-locked it. This process may be easier to do before installing the Varidrive unit onto the tube but either way will work. I have installed it both ways & I actually think installing it before is easier than after but you can decide that when you are doing the set up of the system onto your own backgrounds.

One quick note just to tell you about the Impact Varidrive with metal chain version they make for this system. If you have doubts about using the plastic/poly material that come in the 3 different colors(red, gray or black), there is this metal version that is stronger but you have to take the gear section of the Varidrive unit apart to install the chain onto the gearing.

You would first unscrew the handle/knob from the end of the shaft(pictured here), then install the chain onto the gear of the Varidrive unit(also pictured).

Then re-fasten the handle/knob onto the shaft & hang the assembly onto the Varidrive Triple Hook/Superclamp assembly just like you would do if you were using the plastic/poly chain described in the first part of this post.

So by now, you probably have figured out that this system is a must have when wanting to change your background without using valuable time to do so & also makes it an easy process to roll up one background & lower another down without any help in doing so!

And, as with anything you read in my blogs about various types of gear, the set ups, descriptions, etc., drop me a message & let me know about anything you have a question concerning or would like to know more about! I will do my best in answering any of your questions!

All the gear listed here with links to the various items, are from the Impact Studio Lighting company & B&H Photo/Video store in New York carries this line, as well as others! I have used Impact's gear for several years now & love the quality as well as the customer service! They stand behind their gear & I stand with them just because I can also save a little bit of money along with aquiring certain types of photography equipment they produce!


All pictures used in this post were obtained from other sites & Impact Studio Lighting Company. I would like to thank these companies for their continueing support in their equipment & guidance!

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