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Strip Boxes

So in many ways, one can use various types of soft boxes to add accent, hair light, edgy type of light but one of my all time favorites a "Peter Hurley" type of lighting set up! I use 3 strip boxes to get the same type of effect, only using strobes instead of constant lighting, which takes a little bit of a different approach in getting the strobe's power correctly adjusted! ... The first thing is setting up the strips to the position you need to get the lighting correctly proportioned like you want it! After that, take a test shot using a light meter to get the settings you are wanting to use & you're ready to shoot away! ... "Now where did that model run off to?"! ...

So now let's get to the set up of what I use to get this "triangle" type of look in the eye! ... First, I use a fairly inexpensive strip light soft box from Dynalite that is really lite weight & can be used with hot lights in them up to 600 watts! I use 2 of this size(shown on the right-12"x36") & a smaller unit(shown to the left-12'x24") for the below fill light that covers the under side of the chin, eyes, etc! ... I really love this smaller unit as it fits perfectly into the space between the two strips used on the sides, one having a slight angle to it for covering some shadows in the fill side of the face, letting the smaller box fill the bottom side of some shadowed areas! ...

Here are some actual images taken in my studio of the set up with all of them positioned! ...

When using this set up, not only do you achieve a nice,

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