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Skylite by Lastolite

So when it comes to various types of reflecting gear as well as diffusers, nothing comes close to the Skylite panels from Lastolite! From a rigid frame that breaks down for easy transport to many uses these panels can provide, it's no wonder many professional photographers use them!

... Here are some uses the small Skylite can provide when out in the field! ...

First, its size is great for leaning up against yourself when shooting on location & you don't have an assistant to hold it for you. If you have a stand, it can be held just as easy as the TriGrip Flip Reflector but will provide a slightly larger difusser as well as a reflector! Like the picture above shows, the assistant is holding the small size above his head, reflecting the sun's light into the model positioned under the large Skylite panel that is being used to soften the sun's bright mid-day light. The medium Skylite is positioned behind the model so that a white, reflected back onto her shoulder or maybe even a high contrast shot can be obtained!

No matter what the situation is that you are shooting, these Skylite panels will hold up to any task you have to conquer! The break-down of them as well as the set-up is a snap! The frame is made in sections that fit together to make up the frame. But here is the key to this, the frames all have an elastic cord running through them so that when broken down, the sections can't get lost! It then is folded into a much smaller size so that it fits into a carrying bag! A set up of a couple of minutes, tear down the same and the various reflectors(silver, white & difussion) make the Skylite a must have for photo shoots on location!

All images provided by Lastolite from their ad on Amazon's website. I am just relaying valuble information of various types of gear so that others can see items that may interest them in their photography needs.

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