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Let's Get Back to the Basics! ...

It's been a while since my last post about various gear used by me for my business! ... Not that I haven't bought much in the way of gear, contrary to anyone thinking that, I have spent more than my share on various things in the past several years. From lenses, to soft boxes, strip boxes, strobes, camera bodies, etc., the investments have added to my arsenal of things I use in the field & in studio! So now that things have semi leveled out, I will not only post some articles on things I have purchased in the past, photo sessions I have had the last several years, etc., I will also be posting some new things in the way of tutorials that some have asked me to talk about to help them understand things in the huge photography world we all live in! So whether photography is just a hobby of yours or you are looking to step up your game some, you can most likely find it here in the coming weeks & some of the past things I posted years ago that became lost in the shuffle to my new site! Last year I took some time off to get some other things figured out, various jobs I had to go shoot, etc., but have some great things to share with all of you & hopefully will get a "Shoot Out" sent to all the people that had signed up in the past on my site so they could stay connected to what all was going on with me in what I tell others all the time when asked where I shoot, "The World Is My Studio!" ... Thanks for following me in my quest of the many things I shoot & hopefully I will keep on a semi-schedule with things like My Blog so others like yourselves can stay abreast of my many shoots & sessions! ...

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